Medication Management, or Psychopharmacology, refers to the use of medication by a medical professional in treating mental health conditions. Although medications can play a role in improving most mental health conditions, we generally recommend it only when symptoms are moderate to severe or they have not improved with therapy alone. Some conditions may require the use of multiple medication and ongoing monitoring; in such cases, a psychiatrist or psychiatric nurse practitioner (ARNP) should be involved.

In order to thoroughly understand your experience and obtain diagnostic clarification to guide treatment, your Medication Management at Spectrum begins with the Initial Psychiatric Evaluation with one of our Psychiatric ARNP. During this process, the provider will ask many questions about your symptoms, such as their frequency and severity, and the degrees of impact they exert on your daily functioning. Once the diagnoses are clarified, the provider will discuss their recommendations with you; if there is a role for psychopharmacology in your treatment, and only if appropriate, they will provide a prescription.

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